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Bress Law Firm, PLLC. is located in Aventura, Florida, cordially serving clients throughout Miami and Broward. Bress Law Firm is the legal practice of Michael N. Bress, attorney at law, a boutique law firm providing premium legal services at reasonable prices.


Our flat fee and hourly prices are listed below. Flat fee services include legal consultation and advice, along with whatever is necessary for us to deliver top quality legal services for all of our clients.


Non-typical, complex, or extensive legal services may be billed on an hourly or case-by-case basis. Ongoing disputes that involve extensive negotiation, litigation, research, or complex planning are usually billed hourly. Our hourly fees are $275 an hour. Combined flat-fee legal services and causes of action that overlap are priced at a discount. We can usually quote you a fee or rate after a review of your legal matter.


Unless otherwise indicated, clients bear their own costs such as filing fees, service of process fees, and court costs.


Residential Eviction; Unpaid Rent: Uncontested: $795. Contested: after 1st hearing, $275 for each additional court appearance. Monetary Damages: add 15% of the amount in controversy.

Residential Eviction; Termination of Lease: $1,500 (for 8hrs of legal work, then $275hr). Monetary Damages: add 15% of the amount in controversy.

Commercial Eviction; Unpaid Rent: Uncontested: $1,500+ (case by case basis). Contested: after 1st hearing, add an additional $275 for each additional court or mediation appearance. Monetary Damages: add 15% of the amount in controversy.


Commercial Eviction Termination: $1,500 or hourly (case by case basis). Monetary Damages: add 15% of the amount in controversy.


Security Deposit Litigation: $1K-$4K: $895; 4K-8K: $1,100; 8K+: 20% of the amount in controversy.


Ejectment Litigation: $275hr.


Contract Drafting / Review: Contract Drafting: $105pg. Minimum: $575. Contract Review: $45pg. Minimum: $325. *Charges do not apply to attachments such as statutes or certain disclosures that do not require drafting or thorough review.


Legal Notices: $225-$325.


Demand Letters: Starting at $225.


*Litigation for monetary damages is priced on a case-by-case basis. 


*State of Florida only.


To schedule a free legal consultation, contact the Bress Law Firm at 954-336-8049,, or fill out our Contact Form. For more information on our landlord and tenant law services, visit our landlord and tenant page. We are located 2980 NE 207th St. #300, Aventura FL, 33180, but cordially serve clients throughout Miami and Broward. By appointment only. Contact us to schedule a conference via phone, zoom, or in person meeting. During our initial legal consultation, we can discuss your legal matter, the legal services we provide, and whether your require the assistance of an attorney.

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