Michael N. Bress
Attorney at Law

I received my bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Nova Southeastern University in 2006. In 2017, I received my Doctor of Jurisprudence from Saint Thomas University of Law. Prior to the founding of the Bress Law Firm, in 2015 I performed a judicial internship for Judge Eric Hendon, then of the 11th Circuit Civil Court for the Southern District of Florida. In 2019, I worked at Legal Services of Greater Miami, practicing in the areas of Family Law and Landlord Tenant Law. In 2019, I founded the Bress Law Firm, PLLC., a sole practice located in Aventura, Florida, that provides legal services in the areas of Landlord and Tenant Law, Estate Planning, and Contract Law.


I am otherwise a Member of the Florida Bar Association, admitted to the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida, and am a Commissioned Notary Public.

My motto has always been, A person that does not have respect for others, does not have respect for himself. I am not sure whether I came up with that myself or read it somewhere, but it seems to me that respect for others, for the inherent dignity of all human beings, is not only the foundation of our legal system and our civil society, but also essential to the freedom and progress of all individuals. Likewise, it is also my belief that every individual, no matter race, religion, creed, sex, or sexual orientation, should be treated equally under the law.  

The Bress Law Firm is located in Aventura, Florida, but serves clients throughout Miami-Dade County. If you have a question or want to schedule an appointment, you can contact us at (954) 336-8049 or Michael@BressLaw.Com. By Appointment Only.